Segovia, a Paradise for the Senses

La Portada de Mediodía. Revista Where

The value of its monuments, which show centuries’ worth of the city’s history, is complimented by a sprawling landscape and internationally-approved culinary prowess. Today, we bring to these pages the discovery of one of the best dining experiences in the well-endowed land of Castile—probably the best area in the world to taste stone oven-roasted meats.

In this case it is La Portada del Mediodía, a warm and cozy building created to give a rest to travelers going from Avila to Soria, less than a league away from Segovia and without the bustle of its peculiar urban trade under the arches of the renowned Aqueduct. It was built in the late 12th century in Torrecaballeros, next to the Romanesque church of St. Nicholas.

Its large menu is striking for its quality and variety of classic offerings. Visitors have the unique opportunity to discover the lamb and suckling pig dishes as few will be able to without coming to these lands—easy justification for a day trip to the authentic Castilla in any season, whether snow crowns the peaks of the Sierra de Guadarrama or sun illuminates the fields of the surroundings.

A stroll through Segovia reveals medieval art in every corner, but especially the famous Aqueduct of Nerva: the main attraction of the city with nearly 2000 years of service to its inhabitants. This restaurant, just six miles away in Soria, offers the best cuisine in the area.